We Finally Got Our Next Workamping Gig

November 27th, 2009

After a few months of desperately searching, we have finally landed a new workamping job!

When we left South Dakota, we weren't able to secure another camp host position before we left and that's a situation that you should try to avoid, because the worst thing that could happen will probably happen...and you'll be sitting idle without work for months. We were already in a tight spot because of our transmission issues, which still haven't be solved by the way, and the absence of any work only made things worse. I was able to grab a few freelance video gigs that helped keep us afloat. But anything steady where we could build funds just wasn't available. We applied to just about every business in the county, but no one was hiring.

After watching the workamping.com hotline on a near-religious basis, a Florida job presented itself, and we jumped on it like ravenous dogs. We had our resumes ready, updated, a current picture of us, our rig and posted it to the job within the same hour the job was posted. Workamping in Sarasota Florida FL - Traveling On the Outskirts After a few follow up calls we finally got the attention we were looking for. They called on our references which must have been great because they called back and after quick phone interview, they asked us to join their team!

The position is at Sun 'n Fun RV Resort in Sarasota on the west coast of Florida. They have 1500 RV sites, a heated olympic size swimming pool, miniature golf, two 18 person hot tubs, a restaurant, a bar and grill, and a cornucopia of other amenities. Our jobs have been assigned to work in the grill as cook and one of the bartenders. The terms appear to be great and it's in a section of the state that I've never really ventured to before. Jessica and I grew up on the East coast of the state, so it's exciting to be going to a new place. And a big plus is that it's only about 2 and a half hours drive from our family which is the whole reason why we wanted to spend this season back in Florida.

Tomorrow morning we are hitting the road to cross the state (slowly though, because we only have two gears left in our transmission!) and we're ready to jump in the saddle and get back to work. There's a lot to be done before we ship out for our next summer season so keep checking back to see how the job is going and to follow our adventures as we explore the West coast of Florida!

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